Varicose Veins – Piles – Arthritis – Trichotillomania

Leech Therapy is so effective at breaking up blood clots and improving blood circulation.                                    


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Leeches work beneficial to the whole body: relieve pain, soothe, energize, stimulate immune system, dissolve the blood clot and make blood thinners. Leech saliva also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and improve sex life.

Medicinal leeches are manufactured at a biological laboratory.

Each leech is used only once and disposed of them humanely.

More than 100 BioActive substances in one application.

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Indications for treatment with Medicinal Leeches

Iwona Zawalska - Leech Therapy Practitioner

Iwona Zawalska – Leech Therapy Practitioner

atherosclerosis  –  varicose veins – ankle ulcers – leg ulcers  –  rheumatoid arthritis  –  osteoarthritis, – tennis-elbow, – localised muscle pain,  –    back pain   –  knee pain –   stroke –  trichotillomania – anxiety – depression  –   prostate –  frequent urination — haemorrhoids  –  psoriasis  – skin disease – acne – alopecia – hair loss –  diseases of the ovaries – cysts, –  hypertension, – haemochromatosis,  – endometriosis – multiple sclerosis SM – alzheimer’s disease,- dementia

Ankle / Leg Ulcers

Leg ulcers are common. Approximately 2% of adults will have a leg ulcer at some stage in their lives. Literally thousands of people develop a leg ulcer each year in the United Kingdom and many of those get more leg ulcers as the years go by. Despite the misery they cause, leg ulcers remain a neglected problem. 

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Causes of leg ulcer. 

4 out of 5 ulcers (80%) are caused by a problem with the leg vein pump and they are called venous ulcers. The leg vein pump is the mechanism by which blood flows out of the leg back to the heart. So problem with the deep veins such as obstruction from a deep vein thrombosis, superficial vein reflux or perforator vein problems can cause venous leg ulcers. The leg vein pump depends mainly on good ankle movement, good calf muscles and healthy leg veins. About 95% of venous leg ulcers can be correctly identified by their appearance, by checking by pulses in the feet and by checking sensation. 

Where on the leg do you get venous ulcers?

Venous leg ulcers appear on the lower part of the leg usually just above the ankle. Often, the are varicose veins or thread veins around the ulcer and leg is usually swollen. The skin is often thickened and discoloured by varicose eczema which may actually develop many month or years before the ulcer as a warning sign that the vein circulation is not normal.


Leech therapy for complicated varicose veins.

We evaluated the effectiveness of medicinal leech therapy in producing venous decongestion, reversal of oedema, hyperpigmentation and healing of varicose ulcer(s). Whether the leech selectively sucks venous blood was also investigated. Hirudo medicinalis (medicinal leech) was applied to the area surrounding the varicose ulcer(s) in 20 patients with varicose veins with complications and the patients monitored for ulcer healing, and decrease in hyperpigmentation, oedema and limb girth. After leech therapy all the ulcers showed healing, while ninety five per cent of patients (95%) showed a decrease in oedema and limb girth. Seventy five per cent  patients (75%)  demonstrated a decrease in hyperpigmentation. Thus it appears from this study that the medicinal leech sucks venous blood and aids ulcer healing, and can probably therefore be used as an effective adjunct in the management of complicated varicose veins.


Knee pain – Arthritis – Chronic Pain

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Osteoarthritis  is characterized by inflammation in specific joints – especially joints that are constantly mobile, and may have received age-related damage over time. That inflammation leads to joint pain (in this case, knee pain) with swelling that may contribute to a lack of mobility. Osteoarthritis generally starts mild, but can become worse over time if not treated.

Leech therapy helps relieve symptoms with osteoarthritis of the knee.


Leech saliva contains many bioactive substances, including anticoagulants, analgesic, blood-thinner, vasodilators,  antibiotics- like substances , Hyaluronidase, Destabilise, Bdellines,  Eglines, Histamine-like substances, Lipolytic enzymes, Lipase, Neurotransmitters, Hormones   and many more.

Chronic Pain

Medicinal leech therapy is used in a variety of conditions; most of which have pain as a major symptom. Its mode of action relies on the injection of leech saliva into patients’ tissues during the process of blood withdrawal. Leech saliva contains active ingredients with anti-inflammatory, thrombolytic, anti-coagulant and blood- and lymph-circulation enhancing properties.

Pain relief from leech therapy is rapid, effective and long-lasting in many conditions.


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painLeeches reduce arthritis pain – BBC News

„Scientists have found the tiny parasitic creatures can bring welcome relief for people who have the condition in their knee. Use of leeches helped to ease both the pain and the inflammation associated with the condition. Leech treatment produced rapid pain relief after three days, with the greatest effects registered 24 hours after treatment. The effects were sustained four weeks later. It seems likely that leeches help to relieve pain because their saliva contains various compounds that have an anaesthetic effect.”

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Medicinal leech therapy in pain syndromes:

wiz 16Medicinal leech therapy is used in a variety of conditions; most of which have pain as a major symptom. Its mode of action relies on the injection of leech saliva into patients’ tissues during the process of blood withdrawal. Leech saliva contains active ingredients with anti-inflammatory, thrombolytic, anti-coagulant and blood- and lymph-circulation enhancing properties.

Pain relief from leech therapy is rapid, effective and long-lasting in many conditions.

The saliva of leech contains more than 100 pharmacologically active biological substances like Hirudin, Hyaluronidase, Vasodilators, Anesthetics, Antibacterial, Fibrinases , Collagenase etc. These substances are injected into human body while sucking of the blood and are responsible for the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling effects of leech therapy.

Treatment helpful for:
• Sports injuries
• Chronic muscular aches and painskolano ból
• Neck, back and shoulder problems
• Muscular aches and pains
• Pain Relief, Knee pain,  Tennis elbow
• Lower Back Pain 

source:  PubMed
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Leeches offer vein hope – BBC News

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Leeches have been used successfully to treat varicose veins. 

 New Scientist reports that doctors in India have used the blood-sucking leeches to cure the leg ulcers and swelling that result from the condition.

The researchers said that the treatment works because blood in veins has had the oxygen removed. Leeches prefer this venous blood to the oxygen-rich blood carried in arteries.

Varicose veins are veins that have been stretched and grow out of proportion to the blood they have to carry.

The condition, which affects about two-thirds of adults in the UK, occurs when valves in the veins malfunction.

Conventional treatment involves surgery to remove the problematic vein or else injections of a substance that causes the vein to scar and close. Research in the US recently showed that a chemical derived from the creatures could help reduce deaths and heart attacks in people suffering coronary heart disease.

Leeches have been making a comeback in the medical world of late. Leeches were widely used up until this century for many medical conditions, including tonsillitis and piles.

But leeches are becoming big business as doctors go back to their roots.żylak pod kolanem Biopharm, a leech farm in Wales, provides the NHS with 15,000 leeches a year and ships another 15,000 around the world. Marian Bower, the farm’s manager said business is booming. „We started as a small company in Wales. Now we have distribution offices around the world and are about to open another in South Africa,” she said.


Venous Diseases

The symptoms can include pain and fatigue in the legs, swollen ankles and calves, burning or itching skin, skin discoloration and leg ulcers. In less severe cases, thin, discolored vessels – “spider veins” – may be the only symptom.

Leech therapy has been proven to help patients suffering from. It can help reduce the pain and the swelling felt from varicose veins, and can help dissolve blood clots that have formed. But leech therapy is not so effective for patients whose venous disease is caused by insufficient valves and inadequate vessel dilation.


The saliva of leeches is known to contain beneficial enzymes. They have anticoagulation properties that help prevent blood from coagulating or thickening. A side from this, there is also an enzyme that breaks up formed blood clots which can occlude the veins. These two properties function to make the blood thin so that it flows freely in the veins. To further aid in this function, another enzyme acts as a vasodilator to allow better flow of blood.

Leech’s saliva also has antibacterial properties, which helps individuals who have open sores complicated by venous disease.

Leech therapy is best used in conjunction with weight management, diet, and exercise.


What Are the Symptoms of Ankle Ulcers?

Venous stasis ulcers aren’t always painful, but they might slightly burn or itch. They’re usually red, with yellowish skin over them. An infected ulcer may leak yellow or green fluid. The skin may feel warm or hot to the touch, and the area surrounding the ulcer may be swollen and discolored. Your legs may ache, and, depending on how swollen your ankle is, the skin may feel very tight and have a shiny appearance.

Who is at Risk for Ankle Ulcers ?

Venous ulcer affect people who have deep vein problems, usually from a past deep vein thrombosis (DVT), people who have superficial venous disease or those with ankle mobility problems. Also:image2

  • previous leg swelling
  • history of blood clots
  • varicose veins
  • history of inflammatory diseases

The bloodsucking medical miracle – Telegraph

Leeches are back and helping doctors treat burns victims, re-attach body parts and reduce the pain of osteoarthritis, writes Sarah Lonsdale

As assistant manager at Britain’s only leech farm, Carl Peters finds that getting bitten is an occupational hazard. Each year, he raises thousands of the two-inch long, brownish-black invertebrates and has been bitten around two dozen times, usually while cleaning out their tanks.

wiz 27But Peters suffers so that NHS patients may benefit: every year, hospitals buy some 12,000 to 15,000 leeches from his farm, at £9.95 each. Long valued in western medicine, though neglected for the past century, they are used in burns and plastics units for their anti-coagulant and blood-draining properties.

The leech bite creates a puncture wound that bleeds for hours, while the leech’s saliva contains substances that anaesthetise the wound area, dilate the blood vessels to increase blood flow and prevent the blood from clotting. More recently, leeches have been useful in reducing the painful inflammation of osteoarthritis.
Peters now has individuals ordering leeches directly from him, after recommendations from their GPs.


Improve your Sex Life

Leech Therapy help to get a strong erection.

Use of the Medicinal Leech improve the regeneration of blood vessels, increase blood flow in the penis and thus stimulates achieving and maintaining erections. nieplodność

In a healthy human artery endothelium produces the necessary amount of nitric oxide (NO). It is also able to increase its production in response to nerve impulses, or changes in blood flow due to increased demand. But for many men due to the progress of atherosclerosis, hormonal imbalances caused by aging and testosterone deficiency, penile injury, neuroses, mental tension, or disorders of the sympathetic nervous system – the production of nitric oxide is too weak or short-lived. This leads to disturbed – weak and too short-lived erections.

Thanks to the medicinal leech is an increase nitric oxide levels, one of the most important sexual neurotransmitters.

Nitric oxide also reduces high blood pressure and prevent blood clots – which is why it is important in the fight against cardiovascular diseases.

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demi moore about leech therapy

Demi Moore about leech therapy

Leeches in Embarrassing Bodies

Tropical disease and parasite expert Dr James Logan is getting up close and personal with leeches.  He wants to know more about how the humble leech is making a comeback in the world of medicine.

In the example of a severed finger, the finger needs a steady flow of blood to prevent the flesh from dying. A leech can be attached, preventing blood from clotting and helping to maintain the flow of oxygen around the finger. They can also be used for helping to relieve pains associated with ‘tennis elbow’ and other repetitive strain injuries. Down on the leech farm, Dr James decides to give it a go. The natural anaesthetics and anticoagulants in leech saliva assist in the flow of clean, oxygenated blood to his dodgy knee, aiding healing.

embarassing leeches

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