Varicose Veins – Piles – Arthritis – Trichotillomania

Leech Therapy is so effective at breaking up blood clots and improving blood circulation.                                    


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Leeches work beneficial to the whole body: relieve pain, soothe, energize, stimulate immune system, dissolve the blood clot and make blood thinners. Leech saliva also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and improve sex life.

Medicinal leeches are manufactured at a biological laboratory.

Each leech is used only once and disposed of them humanely.

More than 100 BioActive substances in one application.

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Indications for treatment with Medicinal Leeches

Iwona Zawalska - Leech Therapy Practitioner

Iwona Zawalska – Leech Therapy Practitioner

atherosclerosis  –  varicose veins – ankle ulcers – leg ulcers  –  rheumatoid arthritis  –  osteoarthritis, – tennis-elbow, – localised muscle pain,  –    back pain   –  knee pain –   stroke –  trichotillomania – anxiety – depression  –   prostate –  frequent urination — haemorrhoids  –  psoriasis  – skin disease – acne – alopecia – hair loss –  diseases of the ovaries – cysts, –  hypertension, – haemochromatosis,  – endometriosis – multiple sclerosis SM – alzheimer’s disease,- dementia

Medicinal leech therapy in pain syndromes:

wiz 16Medicinal leech therapy is used in a variety of conditions; most of which have pain as a major symptom. Its mode of action relies on the injection of leech saliva into patients’ tissues during the process of blood withdrawal. Leech saliva contains active ingredients with anti-inflammatory, thrombolytic, anti-coagulant and blood- and lymph-circulation enhancing properties.

Pain relief from leech therapy is rapid, effective and long-lasting in many conditions.

The saliva of leech contains more than 100 pharmacologically active biological substances like Hirudin, Hyaluronidase, Vasodilators, Anesthetics, Antibacterial, Fibrinases , Collagenase etc. These substances are injected into human body while sucking of the blood and are responsible for the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling effects of leech therapy.

Treatment helpful for:
• Sports injuries
• Chronic muscular aches and painskolano ból
• Neck, back and shoulder problems
• Muscular aches and pains
• Pain Relief, Knee pain,  Tennis elbow
• Lower Back Pain 

source:  PubMed
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Improve your Sex Life

Leech Therapy help to get a strong erection.

Use of the Medicinal Leech improve the regeneration of blood vessels, increase blood flow in the penis and thus stimulates achieving and maintaining erections. nieplodność

In a healthy human artery endothelium produces the necessary amount of nitric oxide (NO). It is also able to increase its production in response to nerve impulses, or changes in blood flow due to increased demand. But for many men due to the progress of atherosclerosis, hormonal imbalances caused by aging and testosterone deficiency, penile injury, neuroses, mental tension, or disorders of the sympathetic nervous system – the production of nitric oxide is too weak or short-lived. This leads to disturbed – weak and too short-lived erections.

Thanks to the medicinal leech is an increase nitric oxide levels, one of the most important sexual neurotransmitters.

Nitric oxide also reduces high blood pressure and prevent blood clots – which is why it is important in the fight against cardiovascular diseases.

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Do you know Demi Moore use Leech Therapy ?

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demi moore about leech therapy

Demi Moore about leech therapy

Leeches in Embarrassing Bodies

Tropical disease and parasite expert Dr James Logan is getting up close and personal with leeches.  He wants to know more about how the humble leech is making a comeback in the world of medicine.

In the example of a severed finger, the finger needs a steady flow of blood to prevent the flesh from dying. A leech can be attached, preventing blood from clotting and helping to maintain the flow of oxygen around the finger. They can also be used for helping to relieve pains associated with ‘tennis elbow’ and other repetitive strain injuries. Down on the leech farm, Dr James decides to give it a go. The natural anaesthetics and anticoagulants in leech saliva assist in the flow of clean, oxygenated blood to his dodgy knee, aiding healing.

embarassing leeches

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Trichotillomania – hair pulling help

Trichotillomania is seen to have a combination of complex biological and behavioral causes. Hair-pulling disorder is mainly attributed to an imbalance of certain neurotransmitters in  the brain, mainly dopi1116mine and serotonin. There are many indications that obsessive-compulsive disorder may also be due to failure of the immune system.

These factors tend to increase the risk of trichotillomania:

Family history.Genetics may play a role in the development of trichotillomania, and the disorder may   occur in those who have a close relative with the disorder.

Age. Trichotillomania usually develops just before or during the early teens — most often between the ages of 11 and 13 — and is often a lifelong problem. Infants also can be prone to hair pulling, but this is usually mild and goes away on its own without treatment.

Negative emotions. For many people with trichotillomania, hair pulling is a way of dealing with negative or uncomfortable feelings, such as stress, anxiety, tension, loneliness, fatigue or frustration.

Positive reinforcement. People with trichotillomania often find that pulling out hair feels satisfying and provides a measure of relief. As a result, they continue to pull their hair to maintain these positive feelings.

Other disorders. People who have trichotillomania may also have other disorders, such as depression, anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

hirudo trichTreatment with leeches can brings positive results.  Leeches contain in their saliva many substances which may stimulate the growth of hair (improving circulation, nourishes the hair roots ) and contain neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, acetylcholine and hormons of happiness (endorphin). Leech therapy stimulates and increases immune system activity

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Treatment For Hair Loss

The most common causes of hair loss are:

– Deficiency of minerals and vitamins, caused by poor diet
– Chronic stress situations,
– Hormonal problems as a result of excessive activity of androgens,
– Genetic factors,
– Causes immune (autoimmune)
– Dandruff, fungal infection,
– Poor circulation,
– Improper hair care,

Medical leech therapy increases blood circulation and restore the immune system in the body.
When we use medical leeches in place of thinning hair or hair loss will increase circulation and improve the site entering the concentration of nutrients, and enhanced hair follicles cause hair growth. In addition, patients suffering from a fungal infection induced alopecia and dandruff, the antibacterial activity of the salivary secretions of leeches of the compounds prevents the development of a bacterial infection. łysinka

Leech therapy can effectively prevent hair loss by:

– Improving circulation,
– Elimination of inflammation of hair follicles,
– Immune regulation
– Support of the antibacterial action of antifungal therapy.

Leech therapy is known to increase blood circulation, therefore when therapy is applied to thinning or bald areas, the increase of blood circulation helps enhance the concentration and delivery of nutrients that assist in making hair follicles strong, thereby assisting in the promotion of hair growth.

People suffering alopecia caused by fungal infections or dandruff can also benefit through the antibacterial component in the leeches saliva, which helps combat fungal infections.

Increased hair fall, Baldness, Alopecia etc, are some of the problems which are having an upward trend in the recent decades. With ever increasing stress and fast pace of life, people are often neglecting this problem. Heavy hair loss also indicates problems with the general health. In general if the body is void of nutrition, roots of hair get weak and thus results in hair loss.

To cure this condition we have to improve blood circulation, give strength to the hair roots. Also, we need to improve the nutrition of the person in general.
The treatment is done by first using treatment modalities like leech therapy through which the layer gets removed and fresh blood starts circulating.


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Varicose veins – Ulcers – Piles Treatment

pajączki 2Varicose veins of the legs are so annoying sometimes that prevent walking and cause pain when standing up and sitting down. Extends the residual blood veins and highlights them, which causes itching and inflammation of the nose. Surgery and bandaging legs are cumbersome. In a short time in more than 30 percent of patients operated the problem returns. About causes of varicose veins you can read here .

Varicose Veins Treatment
The use of medical leeches brings a welcome relief from suffering. After a few treatments legs become lighter, disappears feeling of weight and swelling, skin on your feet shine and smoothes out the pain subsides, and varicose veins begin to be absorbed.

Large, old varicose visually not reduced, because for several years, the walls were subject to stretching. While smaller and minor offten no longer visible. Significantly improves blood circulation, as evidenced by the heat and smooth the skin. Blood sucking leeches improves microcirculation by (improving blood flow and oxygenation of tissues, improve the flow of lymph, the expansion of capillaries, removing toxins).

Equally important is the function of salivary gland secretion . SGS contains compounds rebuild cells and interrupt pathological inflammatory processes. 

żylaki - leczenie pijawkamiIn the treatment of varicose veins importance of leeches is their  anticoagulant (lowering blood clotting) and thrombolytic (clot destruction) effect .

Leeches operate as plugged drain the blood veins. In addition, lower levels of triglycerides in the blood, which contribute to the formation of venous congestion. Leeches act beneficially on the whole body: improve sleep, soothe, energize.

causes of varicose veins 


varicose veins bioleeches Varicose Ulcers

We evaluated the effectiveness of medicinal leech therapy in producing venous decongestion, reversal of oedema, hyperpigmentation and healing of varicose ulcer(s). Whether the leech selectively sucks venous blood was also investigated. Hirudo medicinalis (medicinal leech) was applied to the area surrounding the varicose ulcer(s) in 20 patients with varicose veins with complications and the patients monitored for ulcer healing, and decrease in hyperpigmentation, oedema and limb girth. After leech therapy all the ulcers showed healing, while 95 per cent of patients (95%) showed a decrease in oedema and limb girth. Seventy five per cent  patients (75%)  demonstrated a decrease in hyperpigmentation. Thus it appears from this study that the medicinal leech sucks venous blood and aids ulcer healing, and can probably therefore be used as an effective adjunct in the management of complicated varicose veins.



Haemorrhoids  are similar to varicose veins, but they affect the veins of the rectum. They are caused by high blood pressure in the veins of the anus. They can be internal or external. Typically a person with hemorrhoids has pain, swelling, inflammation, and bleeding. The person also may be prone to thrombosis and the buildup of blood clots. P1070833

By placing leeches on the tailbone area, one is able to simultaneously drain the affected area and divert the blood flow, which in turn, has a strong healing effect.

One patient who had undergone two surgeries and “tried everything” did not find relief until she began leech therapy.

Home Visit!  No Pain !  No Side Effects !

Contraindications in hirudotherapy

Hemophilia (disorder of the blood-clotting system), Hemorrhagic diathesis, Hematological malignancies: Leukemia (Malignancy of cells in the blood), Lymphoma (Malignant tumors of the lymph system), Low blood pressure,  Anemia, Sepsis,  individuals with HIV-infection, during Chemotherapy ( or people who are on immunosuppressive medication),  Cancer, severe allergic diathesis and severe systemic reactions, individuals with installed Pacemaker, Pregnancy and Lactation, in women during abundant menstruation, individual intolerance to leeches, children under 10 years old.

Severe stages of internal diseases :  Decompensated diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, AIDS, dialysis, severe renal failure, chronic steroids, pneumonia,  erosive gastritis and gastrointestinal bleeding, patients with general weakness, people with a high temperature, tuberculosis , people with mental illness.

 If use anticoagulant medication, such as Coumadin, Plavix, Lovenox, Marcumar, Vessel Due (sulodexinum) Acenokumarol ^ Marcumar, Warfarin, Heparin and heparinoids, aspirin, Clopidgrel, Iscver, Plavix or Immunossupressants , please contact your doctor before you set up an appointment for hirudotherapy. Hirudin in leech SGS (salivary glands secretion) works similar to the Heparin and it is more powerful then commonly use anticoagulants. Consequently, the two blood thinners cannot be applied together, at the same time.

 If  some vasoactive drugs e.g Gingko Biloba products – Japanese ginkgo , Aspirin, Fish Oil (Omacor), Viagra are in use, the intake of such should be temporarily stopped 2-3 days before the leech therapy begins. Please inform your Hirudotherapist of an intake of any anti-inflammatory and antidepressant medication, strong pain-reliever drugs, Chinese Herbs . Consult your hirudotherapist about any other questions. If you are on any specific diet such as starvation diet, juices-only diet, cleansing diet, dietary supplements diet,  etc.,  you have to finish it before you enter into Hirudotherapy sessions and please notify about it your Hirudotherapist.

Do not treat keloid scars, as will be higher after the treatment, as well as patients with a tendency to keloids.

Please remember it is in your best interest, and we do not perform hirudotherapy simultaneously with other modalities & treatments on a day of hirudothrapy session and for the next two days after, such as: Colon hydrotherapy, Cortisone therapy, Prednisone therapy (for migraine headache), liver cleansing, kidney cleansing and/or any other Detox, lymphatic drainage, Chelation therapy, Acupuncture, Bee Venom Therapy, tranquilizers & steroids therapy, etc.

Physical therapy, Intense massage, deep-tissue massage, reflexo-therapy, aromatherapy, acupressure, jugging, biking,  swimming, weight-lifting,  running– cannot be perform  on a day of hirudotherapy session and for the next two days after each hirudotherapy session.

  Prior to starting hirudotherapy treatment a BLOOD TEST is required (when treatment will be long) – we need to know your Hemoglobin level. Please bring the copy of the results with you to the first visit. Hirudotherapy is a natural treatment with hirudosubstances from leeches SGS (Salivary Glands Secretion). Please read more about natural Hirudosubstances.

Leech therapy  is not a „Quick-Fix”  Magic Wand!

 Leech Therapy it is all natural, healing  process. There is no negative side-effect. Sometimes are temporary and harmless side effect that are described under  : Leech Therapy – Aftercare instructions.

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