Varicose veins – Ulcers – Piles Treatment

pajączki 2Varicose veins of the legs are so annoying sometimes that prevent walking and cause pain when standing up and sitting down. Extends the residual blood veins and highlights them, which causes itching and inflammation of the nose. Surgery and bandaging legs are cumbersome. In a short time in more than 30 percent of patients operated the problem returns. About causes of varicose veins you can read here .

Varicose Veins Treatment
The use of medical leeches brings a welcome relief from suffering. After a few treatments legs become lighter, disappears feeling of weight and swelling, skin on your feet shine and smoothes out the pain subsides, and varicose veins begin to be absorbed.

Large, old varicose visually not reduced, because for several years, the walls were subject to stretching. While smaller and minor offten no longer visible. Significantly improves blood circulation, as evidenced by the heat and smooth the skin. Blood sucking leeches improves microcirculation by (improving blood flow and oxygenation of tissues, improve the flow of lymph, the expansion of capillaries, removing toxins).

Equally important is the function of salivary gland secretion . SGS contains compounds rebuild cells and interrupt pathological inflammatory processes. 

żylaki - leczenie pijawkamiIn the treatment of varicose veins importance of leeches is their  anticoagulant (lowering blood clotting) and thrombolytic (clot destruction) effect .

Leeches operate as plugged drain the blood veins. In addition, lower levels of triglycerides in the blood, which contribute to the formation of venous congestion. Leeches act beneficially on the whole body: improve sleep, soothe, energize.

causes of varicose veins 


varicose veins bioleeches Varicose Ulcers

We evaluated the effectiveness of medicinal leech therapy in producing venous decongestion, reversal of oedema, hyperpigmentation and healing of varicose ulcer(s). Whether the leech selectively sucks venous blood was also investigated. Hirudo medicinalis (medicinal leech) was applied to the area surrounding the varicose ulcer(s) in 20 patients with varicose veins with complications and the patients monitored for ulcer healing, and decrease in hyperpigmentation, oedema and limb girth. After leech therapy all the ulcers showed healing, while 95 per cent of patients (95%) showed a decrease in oedema and limb girth. Seventy five per cent  patients (75%)  demonstrated a decrease in hyperpigmentation. Thus it appears from this study that the medicinal leech sucks venous blood and aids ulcer healing, and can probably therefore be used as an effective adjunct in the management of complicated varicose veins.



Haemorrhoids  are similar to varicose veins, but they affect the veins of the rectum. They are caused by high blood pressure in the veins of the anus. They can be internal or external. Typically a person with hemorrhoids has pain, swelling, inflammation, and bleeding. The person also may be prone to thrombosis and the buildup of blood clots. P1070833

By placing leeches on the tailbone area, one is able to simultaneously drain the affected area and divert the blood flow, which in turn, has a strong healing effect.

One patient who had undergone two surgeries and “tried everything” did not find relief until she began leech therapy.

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