Improve your Sex Life

Leech Therapy help to get a strong erection.

Use of the Medicinal Leech improve the regeneration of blood vessels, increase blood flow in the penis and thus stimulates achieving and maintaining erections. nieplodność

In a healthy human artery endothelium produces the necessary amount of nitric oxide (NO). It is also able to increase its production in response to nerve impulses, or changes in blood flow due to increased demand. But for many men due to the progress of atherosclerosis, hormonal imbalances caused by aging and testosterone deficiency, penile injury, neuroses, mental tension, or disorders of the sympathetic nervous system – the production of nitric oxide is too weak or short-lived. This leads to disturbed – weak and too short-lived erections.

Thanks to the medicinal leech is an increase nitric oxide levels, one of the most important sexual neurotransmitters.

Nitric oxide also reduces high blood pressure and prevent blood clots – which is why it is important in the fight against cardiovascular diseases.

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Do you know Demi Moore use Leech Therapy ?

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demi moore about leech therapy

Demi Moore about leech therapy