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Leech Therapy (Hirudo Mesotherapy)  is the only facial solution that can claim to be effective and long-lasting, safe, drugless, and all natural with no side effects. It is better than Botox . Leech Organic Face-Lift Therapy  can reduce facial lines and wrinkles – smoothing and tightening the skin and providing it with a youthful glow. I provide totally Leech Organic Face-Lift Therapy  in the form of leech application that contains only those unique natural enzymes produced by leeches. Through this therapy, patients can begin to experience the gift of a younger, smoother, and more radiant complexion – with signs of aging and other skin conditions significantly reduced. As highly satisfied patients who have received this unique treatment will tell you, only a leeches can produce these huge and positive changes.
Leech therapy helps to boost the immune system, improve blood circulation in the tissues, enhance the overall well-being, thanks to leech saliva enzymes to help the body to break down body fat and more.

Therapeutic secret of leech – leech saliva content of biological active substances (more than 100 SGS), the correct application of which has a strong influence on all body systems and have no side effects, unlike medications that offer pharmacy.

This allows you to achieve amazing results in the treatment with acne. here

All active biological agents in the treatment process into the blood, and have a strong healing effect on various organs and body systems.

While still relatively unknown in UK, Leech Organic Face-Lift Therapy have a long history. What was once a beauty secret practiced among the geishas of Japan is now a common health and cosmetic choice of beauty experts. And now Leech Organic Face-Lift Therapy are being discovered by American actors and actresses, models, newscasters, and other high-profile personalities – 

individuals who are demi moore about leech therapyprofessionally concerned about their facial appearance and interested in finding safe, results-producing, alternative treatments. Among them is the noted actress Demi Moore, who reported enthusiastically about her leech therapy experience.


(See Demi Moore talk about leeches on YouTube here.)

How it Works

    • Leech saliva contains over 100 Bioactive enzymes. When applied to the body through your skin these substances have been noted to…
    • Increase circulation within tissues
    • Dissolve unwanted fat
    • Kill unwanted bacteria within the skin
    • Slow skin aging
    • Increase skin elasticity
    • Provide many natural antibiotics
    • Reduce inflammation within tissues
    • Dissolve unwanted impurities and deposits within the skin
    • Rejuvenate blood vessels
    • Relax and smooth skin
    • And the list of positive reactions goes on and on.

    Compounds contained in the salivary gland secretions of leeches (SGS) are natural active ingredients that stimulate cells to work more efficiently, have an impact on the improvement of tension, color, oxygenation and nourishment of the skin. These are :

    Anti-elastase, which slows down the aging process of the skin and inhibits the enzyme that breaks down elastin.

    Hyaluronic acid, which has a very strong anti-wrinkle.

    Steroids, which are responsible for skin looking young

    Lipids, and phosphatidic acids that enhance significantly the insulating layer and the protective skin

    Elastin and collagenase which reduce tissue tension

    In addition, the leeches produce serotonin, which calms, eglin – are potential antiinflammatory act, endorphin and histamine-like substance that dilates the skin increasing blood circulation.

    Used medical leeches are grown in a laboratory environment without contact with the environment. Moreover, they are fed in a controlled manner with the principles of the necessary care, providing patients with complete security.



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