The Decision is yours: surgery or leech therapy

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Side effects after hemorrhoids surgery :

Severe, acute pain and bleeding, lasting 2-3 weeks,   Faecal incontinence (the involuntarily passing of stools), Difficult urination, Stenosis, Rectal perforation, Anal fistula,  Man can be unable to reach a full errection, Wound infection and so on… 


Leech Therapy is safe, effective and without side effects !

In addition during piles recovery, benefit your whole body. 150420151245

Leeches along the way treating the pelvic organs, improves blood circulation, disrupts the inflammatory process  and revitalizes the entire body.

Good news for man: leeches can help maintain a strong erection!

All this because leech saliva contains more than 100 enzymes and BioActive compounds that act as a

Thrombolytic effects – dissolve the blood clot

Anticoagulant effects – blood thinners

Endorphins, Neurotransmitters, Painkillers, Vasodilators, Anti-Atherosclerotic, Hormones, Anti-inflammatory,  and many more SGS

By placing leeches on the tailbone area, one is able to simultaneously drain the affected area and divert the blood flow, which in turn, has a strong healing effect.

One patient who had undergone two surgeries and “tried everything” did not find relief until she began leech therapy.

You can go to work next day after Leech Therapy.

Haemorrhoids are similar to varicose veins, but they affect the veins of the rectum. They are caused by high blood pressure in the veins of the anus. Piles can be internal or external. Typically a person with haemorrhoids has pain, swelling, inflammation, and bleeding. The person also may be prone to thrombosis and the build up of blood clots.

causes of haemorrhoids / piles