Thanks to Iwona’s hirudotherapy sessions, my knee is now completely healthy and I have no problems anymore. I had Osgood Schlatter disease on my left knee, and the doctors said that it not curable, so I have to wait until I will be fully developed. They said that I will be able to do carry on with sport, but it will all finish with an operation, so I stopped doing anything that would put pressure on my knee and my joints. We found Iwona on a website that has a lot of good and positive ratings, and we contacted her and my knee began to get better. I have had only 6 sessions of leech therapy and my knee is now completely fine.

Ilya U.


Dear Iwona,

I would like to thank you for the Leech Therapy that I received from you.  I am very happy with your therapy. My muscle cramps have disappeared and my veins have stopped hurting. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  See you next year.



December, 2014


 It was never going to be an option for me to go on any medication, so I am so happy to have come across leech therapy which is a truly effective remedy for knee conditions.

The first thing I noticed while going through the series of leech therapy treatments was the improvement in my energy levels. My blood pressure has been normalized after two weeks (4 session). Before I started, my blood pressure was around 145 – 152 systolic mmHg. Now is consistently around 127- 131.

My left knee which I was certain was the beginning of arthritis which has been giving me much pain and discomfort for over 1 1/2 years has simply vanished ! I look forward to future treatments and thanks so much again.


October, 2014


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